Do You Need a Building Permit?
Click here for a handy guide to building permit guidelines from the Department of Planning and Permitting (Adobe PDF file).
Hawaii Real Property Research Packet Key
Hawaii Real Property Research packages include a variety of information. The information is obtained from various government agencies. A typical package will include documents obtained from the City & County of Honolulu, Budget and Fiscal Services Department (Real Property Assessment Division) and the Department of Planning & Permitting. Additionally, HRPR will provide a research summary page and invoice for services. Below you will find a brief description of the various components of an HRPR package.
HRPR Enclosures
Property identity, list of permits with date, status and HRPR invoice.
Tax Office Field Book Pages
C&C Tax Office assessment records, kept through 1987.
For questions, call 527-5541
Tax Office Computer Printouts
C&C Tax Office assessment records, kept from 1988 through present.
For questions, call 527-5541
Building Permit Applications
Copies of building permit applications obtained from C&C Dept. Of Planning & Permitting. For questions, call 768-8220
Dept. Of Planning & Permitting Archived Information
For questions, call 768-8220
Dept. Of Planning & Permitting POSSE Database Printouts
Property identification, Land Use Information and DPP POSSE Jobs files.
For questions, call 768-8220
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